LANA Financial Brokers maintains a heavy focus on construction financing on a global basis. Domestic and international construction projects from $7.5 million up to $500 million+ qualify for our financing.*

LANA Financial Brokers, LLC also specializes in natural resources transactions. We maintain direct relationships with funding sources that are capable of financing these types of projects between $7.5 million up to $500 million or more.

We are seeking oil and gas exploration and drilling projects domestically and internationally. We can finance drilling equipment, oil rig construction and the construction of related processing, refinery and transportation equipment and facilities.

We also focus on alluvial and placer mining of gold and other precious metals, as well as diamonds and gemstones. We are capable of financing all types of mining equipment, camp construction and operations nationwide and on a global basis. 43-101 reports (or equivalents) are required.

In addition, we provide venture capital for companies in the alternative fuel industry (bio-fuels and waste-to-energy conversions) for start-ups and expansions. Various other cutting-edge technologies will also qualify for our venture capital financing. Find out if your project falls within our funding parameters.

*All projects are required to pass lenders due diligence to close. These reports include appraisals, valuation, economic feasibility, environmental reports, etc. All transaction expenses are the responsibility of the borrower. Borrower must have a significant financial stake into their projects and experienced management team to qualify.

Contact us to find out if your project qualifies for one of our funding programs!