Our Funding sources seek projects with a minimum cost or financing of $7.5 million dollars (US) for conventional for-profit project financing. For Humanitarian forgivable loans there is a minimum dollar amount of $150 million dollars (US). There is currently no maximum dollar amount for said funding.

Our funding sources can provide direct investment as well as debt financing for qualified projects and experienced management teams worldwide. Though the aforementioned projects are all currently of interest to our lenders, there is no guarantee that said application for any given project will be placed successfully.All projects are subject to initial approval by our funding sources prior to the funding process commencement and investment/Financing proposal(s) are provided.

The following constitutes our funding process (conventional for-profit projects only):


1. Once we have reviewed our initial documentation requirements (Intake Form and Executive Summary), if we agree that the project is economically viable and we feel that a funding source (lender) would be willing to fund the project, then we will provide our fee agreement(s) to the client which will detail how we will be compensated IF we successfully fund the project (we are paid upon success and do not charge any upfront fees). 

2. Once the client has signed and returned our fee agreement, we will then proceed to submit our           preliminary information to one (or more) potential funding sources that we believe suitable for           the project and make introductions to them. Those third-party funding sources will review the             project documents and decide if they wish to propose a "Term Sheet" to the client with an offer to fund the project. That Term Sheet will include information regarding interest rates, term (length) of the loan, amortization schedule, percentage equity ownership (if any), etc., as well as the amount of the Expense Deposit required to cover the costs for due diligence activities such as appraisals, accounting audits, title searches, site visits and the expenses and any other outside costs, such as legal or title expenses associated with funding a deal. Note that we make no money and the lender makes no money on these fees -- they are a cost of doing business item only.


3. Many of these funding sources may require additional information or conference calls before or after they issue the Term Sheets, so clients should be prepared for either of these two events to occur.


4. Next, the client will execute the binding term sheet with the funding source, and that company will collect the estimated due diligence fees and begin the due diligence process which will typically take from 60 to 90 days for international projects (Non-USA). These days begin counting down upon the chosen lender's receipt of the documentation that has been requested from the borrowers and they have wired the lender their expense deposit. The time frames involved are usually based on the time necessary for funding personnel to make physical site visits to the project locations and the time it takes the principals to submit any additional documentation that is requested by the funding source. We are currently negotiating with funding sources that can provide financing anywhere in the world much faster than the time frames mentioned above. You will be notified immediately if there are any changes made to these timing parameters.

Contact us to find out if your project qualifies for one of our funding programs!