We have sources that can fund the following projects (any amount 5 Million+)  :

-Motion pictures 
-Roads, Dams, Power Facilities 
-N/O/O Trophy Homes 
-Mixed use 
-Raw Land Purchases 
-Light Industrial 
-Parking Garages 
-Auto Repair stand alones 
-Electricity Plants 
-Raw Construction sites 
-Green Energy, Windmills, Solar and Fuel 
-Strip malls 
-Ski Resorts 
-Student Housing 
-Oil-Gas Well Fields/Refineries 
-Gas Stations/convenience 
-Construction Fractured Projects 
-Golf Courses 

                      ***** NEW *****​

-Humanitarian Projects ($150M US Min &

Sponsor required)

Asset-based lending for: 

• Bank Guarantee (BG) (up to 60% LTV)
• Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) 
• Medium Term Note (MTN) 
• Bank Draft Check (BDC) 
• Government Bonds (up to 90% LTV)

Photovoltaic Energy

Hydro-electric Power Facility

Waste-to- Energy Facility