Whether you have a project in the real estate, alternative energy, natural resource, oil & gas or in the telecommunications industry we know what it takes for your project to succeed. With our unique experience placing "hard to fund" deals in the direction of success, we look forward everyday to facilitating and providing our consulting capabilities to clients around the globe. Our know-how enables us in connecting clients to lenders who are currently seeking borrowers as yourself. We strive to close your deal in the most timely, efficient and cost effective manner. We have 14 years of combined experience bridging the gap between borrowers and lenders and helping developers, municipalities, government entities reach their goals through our wide range of creative commercial financing programs. We believe in thinking outside the box and that all commercial transactions require the up most integrity and a unique approach which gets the job done.

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About Us

We currently have access to more than $4 billion in funds for commercial RE transactions, venture capital, natural resource, and alternative energy projects. We look forward to working with you to help organize your project(s) for presentation to our sources.

We strive to help business owners and developers to establish a solid foundation, facilitating the transaction’s closing because our process eliminates borrowers becoming involved with lenders whose requirements they do not meet. Lenders also benefit from dealing only with qualified borrowers that comply to their standards and meet their requirements.

We have direct relationships with traditional and non-traditional funding sources such as banks, insurance companies, private investors, hedge funds, real estate investment firms and lending consortiums. We offer numerous innovative products and services to borrowers. We also partner with professionals in financing commercial real estate such as commercial mortgage brokers, commercial real estate brokers and commercial real estate financing sources.


"to fully understand our clients’ objectives so we may connect them with the optimal lender for their situation."